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Central Informatics Bureau (Under the aegis of The Ministry of Technology, Communication and Innovation)
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Projects Under Implementation

A brief on major projects under implementation
Crime Occurrence Tracking System (COTS) – PHASE II
The Crime Occurrence Tracking System (COTS) project provides for the automation of all processes from the electronic lodging of a complaint at the Police Station to the sentence of the court, with electronic tracking of intermediate phases.
COTS allows a close monitoring of crime occurrences over the island and real time generation of crime statistics.  The COTS has been piloted at two Police Divisions. The system will now be deployed at the other five Police Divisions.
Penalty Point Management System
The Traffic Branch of the Mauritius Police Force (MPF) is currently implementing a Penalty Point Management System (PPMS) for the management of penalty points for drivers in Mauritius and Rodrigues.  Currently, Road Traffic convictions do not carry any penalty point.  Appropriate legislations will be enforced to impose Penalty Points on Road Traffic offences. 
e-prison system
The e-prison System will make the management of prisons much easier through the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), as a key enabler for Service Delivery and efficiency. 
The e-Prison system will provide opportunities for bringing in better security of the prison, safe custody of inmates, and facilitate the provision of rehabilitative programmes aimed at reforming prisoners. 

e-Government Strategy

An e-Government strategy informed by an e-Gov needs survey will be prepared.  Hence, the aim of the strategy will review the actual needs and will make recommendations for a more effective, secured and efficient delivery of Government services to citizens and businesses.
The e-payment system will support payment by credit/debit cards with a view to reducing time spent to make payments to Government.
The Generic E-Payment system will be operational as from June 2013 on the new platform of the Government Online Centre. Initially, 10 e-payment services will be available such as payment of income tax at Mauritius Revenue Authority, company license at the Registrar of Companies, parking fines at National Transport Authority, etc.   The e-payment service will be available through mobile phones.
e-Work Permit Plan
The Vision is to introduce a fast, paperless and user-friendly Work Permit System that is accessible anytime and anywhere.  The system will enable online application of work permits, printing of work permit on Smart Card and establishing links to external organisations to automate authentication process, validation and input of critical data.
e-education Plan
The e-Education Plan provides roadmap at harnessing ICT to enhance the operations and service delivery of the education sector with emphasis on improving quality, efficiency and effectiveness of management and pedagogical processes. 
e-Government Master Plan for the Ministry of Social Security, National Solidarity and Reform Institutions
The project aims at examining the activities of the Ministry of Social Security, National Solidarity and Reform Institutions (MSS) and to prepare a Master Plan for harnessing Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to enhance the operations and service delivery of the Ministry and local offices involved. 
e-Procurement System
The Ministry of Finance and Economic Development (MOFED) intends to implement an integrated web-based e-Procurement System (ePS) for the Public Sector that will improve its procurement processes and enhance transparency. The e-Procurement system would cover works, goods, services and consultancy services projects and would allow for key stakeholders, namely: Public Bodies, Central Procurement Board, Independent Review Panel, Procurement Policy Office, Ministry of Finance and Economic Development, Accountant General, National Audit Office and Bidders/Suppliers to conduct business online.
e-Budget System
The Project involves the implementation of an e-Budget System for the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development.  The system will be accessed by Ministries/Departments for the preparation of the Budget and will include budget preparation, budget printing and publication as well as budget analysis, execution, monitoring and reporting.
E-Health System
The e-health system would ensure the computerization of all health services in hospitals, area health centres and Community health centres.  This is a major building block towards having a National Health Information Systems that spans over the public and private health sectors.  ICT will be used to facilitate the provision of health care to citizens.
Human Resource Management Information System (HRMIS)
The Civil Service has one of the main focuses of improving performance and being results oriented, in view of delivering more efficient public services.  An HRMIS is therefore being implemented for satisfying the above goals.