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Digital Government

Digital Government Strategy 2018 - 2022


The Ministry of Technology, Communication and Innovation through the Central Informatics Bureau formulated the e-Government Strategy 2013-2017 to pave the way for improving effectiveness and efficiency of Ministries and Departments as well as addressing the needs of business and citizens alike. The implementation of a number of e-Government initiatives as recommended by the strategy has undoubtedly contributed to the significant improvement in the ranking of Mauritius in the last UN e-Government Development Index 2016. Mauritius progressed from 76th position in 2014 to 58th in 2016.


Recognising the positive impact of e-Government on the development of the Republic of Mauritius, MTCI together with CIB are embarking on the formulation of Digital Government Strategy 2018-2022. In this context, consultations are being held with stakeholders to gather their feedback, which would be used as input for the formulation of the Digital Government Strategy 2018-2022.


To this end, the MTCI is carrying out a Digital Government Survey targeting Government, business and citizens. Three questionnaires (Government to Citizen - G2C, Government to Business - G2B and Government to Government - G2G) have been published online and can be accessed at the following links:

Government to Government - G2G

Government to Business - G2B 

Government to Citizen - G2C


You are kindly invited to participate in the Digital Government Survey and the deadline has been set to 26 January 2018.

Besides, you may also submit your views at the following email address:


Thanking you in advance for your collaboration.