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Digital Government

Digital Government Transformation Strategy 2018 - 2022

The Ministry of Technology, Communication and Innovation (MTCI) through the Central Informatics Bureau formulated the e-Government Strategy 2013-2017 to pave the way for improving effectiveness and efficiency of Ministries and Departments as well as addressing the needs of business and citizens alike. 

The e-Government Strategy covered the period 2013 to 2017. The implementation of a number of e-Government initiatives as recommended by the strategy has undoubtedly contributed to the significant improvement in the ranking of Mauritius in the last UN e-Government Development Index 2016.  Mauritius progressed from 76th position in 2014 to 58th in 2016.

Recognising the positive impact of e-Government on the development of the Republic of Mauritius, MTCI together with CIB embarked in the preparation of the Digital Government Transformation Strategy 2018-2022 (DGTS). Through harnessing of opportunities for digital transformation in the Public Sector, the DGTS is aligned with, and goes hand-in-hand with the Public Sector Business Transformation Strategy (PSBTS) for achieving Government's Vision 2030.  On a higher note, the DGTS provides Government with digital policies to attain all 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The DGTS sets the course for accelerated public sector digitisation efforts to enhance operational effectiveness and efficiency, and better service to citizen, business and government constituents.  It makes recommendations that culminate into better policies and services that are simple, smart and seamless.  The DGTS has adopted a need-centric approach for the digital transformation of Government with a view to tackle the current challenges of Mauritius, by involving citizens, businesses as well as Government agencies through consultations and a digital government survey in collaboration with Statistics Mauritius.


A validation workshop was held on 07 June 2018 to gauge feedback from Ministries and Departments, consumer groups, academia, ICT and business associations among others.  The strategy has been finalised following feedback from stakeholders and will be submitted to Cabinet for approval.

By putting each of the elements of the strategy in place, Mauritius will be poised to join the digitally advanced and inclusive countries in the world.