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                                 Project Management Manual for ICT projects (PMMI)​ ​

     ​   A Project Management Manual for ICT projects (PMMI) has been formulated by the Central Informatics Bureau to describe              the project management methodology for the implementation of ICT projects in the Civil Service. 

        The PMMI received Government approval on 22 December 2017.

         Excerpt from Cabinet Decisions of 22 December 2017​​

 ​“Cabinet has taken note that a Project Management Manual for ICT projects has been prepared by the Central Informatics Bureau. The Manual gives an overview of the Project Management Methodology applicable to ICT projects and provides an implementation framework which can be adapted for ICT projects in the Civil Service. The Manual which is based on leading international project management methodologies will support the current e-Government Strategy and will aim at bringing benefits in terms of increasing efficiency in implementing projects, reducing variances in project which result in cost overruns and delays in implementation and completion of projects.”  

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  1.  The PMMI is derived from leading international and proven project management methodologies, i.e.          Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) of the Project Management Institute and Projects In Controlled                             Environment (PRINCE2) by the Government of UK, which have been customised to fit the local context.  

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The Project Management Manual for ICT :

(1) Defines the processes involved to manage the implementation of ICT projects;
(2) Outlines the roles of the stakeholders involved in the formulation of ICT-related                               policies, implementation of ICT projects and operation of Government systems;

(3) Provides project document templates to be used throughout all the phases of the                           ​implementation of ICT projects. 

The PMMI will support the existing e-Government Strategy and aims to bring Government-wide benefits viz:

            (i)    Increase efficiency in implementing projects;

           (ii)   Reduce variances in project results including cost overruns and schedule slippage;

(iii)  Provide a harmonised understanding of steps, roles and approach in the implementation              of all ICT  projects

(iv)  Improve maturity of project management processes through the proven methodologies;

          (v)    Build a common base of project management document templates to be used in practice.   

         Download the Manual Here