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​​​​​UN e-Government Survey 2020 ​

The United Nations released its 2020 edition of the E‑Government Survey “Digital Government in the Decade of Action for Sustainable Development” which ranks 193 United Nations Member States in terms of Digital Government by capturing the scope and quality of online services, status of telecommunication infrastructure and existing human capacity.

The Republic of Mauritius has been recognised by the report as a front-runner in the African region in terms of e-Government development. Mauritius ranks 1st in Africa, 4th among Small Island Developing States and 63th globally (66th in 2018). Mauritius is also ranked among the top 50 countries in Open Data.

The report has recognised the Mauritius Digital Government Transformation Strategy 2018-2022 which was formulated in-house by the Central Informatics Bureau as a model for its comprehensive situation analysis that engaged people through surveys, focus groups and other means to inform the Government’s digital strategy. Moreover, the report cites the Mauritius Digital Government Transformation Strategy as a reference for its approach in helping people better understand the value of digital government and how it can benefit them.

The report also sets Mauritius as an example in using technology to aid in the fight against COVID-19 whereby the Ministry of Health and Wellness partnered with the private sector to bring in video conferencing solutions to help hospital staff communicate medical supply needs and other crisis-related issues to the Government.

(1) ​The E‑Government Survey 2020 is accessible at the following link:​

(2) The Mauritius Digital Government Transformation Strategy 2018-2022, its Infographics and One Pager          Strategy are available at:

(3) UN e-Government Survey 2020, Mauritian Perspective by CIB, available here​.